Welcome to Pension Maria!

The barnyard at the village of Antdorf with a wide backyard is runned by our family since 1973 - up to now for three generations. In the course of the generational change in 2010 we have modernized and refurbished our house.

Pension mit Baum

The former barnyard is conveniently - but also quietly - located at the south-eastern region of so-called "Pfaffenwinkel". That special region of Upper Bavaria which is also called "Land-Of-Five-Lakes" ("5-Seenland") distinguishes itself due to its vicinity of the picturesque lakes of the Alps.

It is only a stone's throw to the nature reserve named "Osterseen" and the lake "Starnberger See". The town of "Garmisch-Partenkirchen" is only 34 km away from here, the city of Munich only 56 km.

Enjoy your unforgettable holidays at the Upper Bavarian countryside most
according to:

Discover nature - enjoy culture and the arts!

Dear Guests,

Our annual closing will be
from 22th November, 2015 until
21th December, 2015!

Bookings for Christmas and the new year 2016
are gladly accepted anytime via E-Mail .

From 22th December, 2015 on,
we shall be pleased to offer to you
accustomed services again.

Dear Guests,

At Pension Maria,
our guests may surf the Web for free
thanks to our new WiFi-Hotspot!

We wish our guests a good time,
Yours, Pension Maria

Frühstücksterasse Panorama

Rossi das Katerchen Frühstücks-Terrasse 2